Tiro De Punta Guerrera

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São Paulo, São Paulo
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Turbo structural chassis 180 x 100 mm. With hydraulic system
of dampers to ensure the best stability in uneven soil.

Unique with 3,80 meters of path transport. Up to 7 meters
width of work.

Hopper with the maximum capacity of the market: 4700 L.

Up to 7 meters width of labor, with only 3,80 meters
width of transport. Variable distance of configuration
between rows: 17,5/ 19/ 20 cm. for small grains and
pasture. 35/ 38/ 40/ 52,5/ 70 cm. for coarse grains
(withwithout kit).
Double fertilization of coarse grainsalfalrero’s

Excellent ground clearance for transport.

Suitable for variable sowingfor section cuttings.

Zero Grease system in leveler arms with self-lubricated bushings.

Variable configuration between rows.

Maximum ground clearance for road transport: 70 cm. Agile system of parts hanging.
Easy removable bolted banisters.

Great room for adjustmentsgreasing.

Hopper with a great capacity 4700 L. total (3500 L. only seeds).

Reinforced Forks guarantee the best stability.
Options for rolling axis: Double rolling conical system. Crapodina system.

Extraordinary robustnessgreat versatility.

Exclusive System: Unit of sowing of high precisionzero maintenance. Units of sowing with double leveler wheels pivoting over VESCONTE HILUBE’s self- lubricating bushings. Which require zero maintenance of greasebring long life. Double disk planter systemcovering wheels with reinforced bearings.

Coarse grains kit (mechanicpneumatic) with system of cardan controls.

Configuration possibility of 17,5 - 35 - 52,570 cm. without removing parts.

Suitable for high precision variable sowingsection cuttings.

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