Edible tallow

Edible Tallow

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     Beef tallow is obtained by rendering beef fat, the resultant product then being are bleached, neutraliseddeodorised (refined beef tallow). On the other hand, the product of fat that is simply rendered is known as "edible beef tallow". Beef tallow is obtained by means of a drywet rendering process. The wet rendering process is more gentledelivers better yields. With the wet rendering process, offal from slaughterhouses undergoes coarse mechanical pulverisingis then steam-heated to a temperature of at least 90°C, breaking downsterilising enzymes. Fat is then removed from the tissue.

    The water-fat mixture is then cooledthe fat (edible beef tallow) is separated. Further chemical-physical stages (bleaching, neutralisation, deodorisation) ultimately deliver a product known as "refined beef tallow". Nowadays, the dry rendering process is uneconomical in terms of the energy that is requiredit is rarely used. Beef tallow is a whitish (beef tallow)whitish to yellow (edible beef tallow) substance. It is solid at 20°Cgives off a mild odour. It is not water-soluble, but it is soluble in organic solvents.

    The main components in both fats are: oleic, palmitic, stearic, palmitoleic, linoleicmyristic acid. Other fatty acids account for 1% of the product. Animal Fats & Oil, including edible fatsoil for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Personal Care, Food, Ink, Paint, Coatings, Adhesive, Lubricant & Soap Industries.

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